Traditional White Nurses Uniforms

The uniforms worn by nurses are used to ensure hygiene and to help patients be able to recognize the nurses in a hospital or other center for health care. And while more and more nurses are wearing scrubs as their uniform of choice, traditional while nurses uniforms consist of a dress and apron along with a easily identifiable hat.

The hat that goes along with traditional white nurses uniforms is similar to that of a nun’s because it was from a nun’s habit that traditional white nurses uniforms were created. This it because back as far as the 19th century it was nuns who traditionally cared for sick patients. It was one of famous nurse Florence Nightengale’s students who designed the first traditional white nurses uniforms and these uniforms remained relatively unchanged until the 1940s.

Traditional white nurses uniforms were the standard for all nurses until the 1980s and 1990s, when more and more nurses turned away from traditional white nurses uniforms in favor of medical scrubs. While many nurses argue that medical scrubs are easier to work in and are easier to care for, many patients now find it more difficult to locate nurses in a crowded hospital. There is currently no set standard for the uniforms that nurses must wear, though individual hospitals and health care centers may have their own individual standards and uniform preferences. There are still many nurses who prefer traditional white nurses uniforms, though the majority now wear scrubs.

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